History of Growth

Integrated HQ institution and moved to current office.​
1944 Nov. Daitoa Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. was founded.
1945 Oct. Daitoa Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. was renamed KANTO CHEMICAL CO., INC.
1950 Mar. "THE CHEMICAL TIMES" was issued.
1956 Apr. Osaka Kanto Chemical CO., Ltd. Was founded.
1960 Apr. Started the study of EL grade chemicals.
May. Started the study and production of diagnostics.
1964 May. KANTO launched EL grade chemicals as the first domestic product for electronics industry.
1966 Apr. Adopted "EL" standardized label on EL grade chemicals.
1973 Jul. The Isehara Factory (Isehara, Kanagawa) was constructed.

The Osaka Branch Office was formed.

1977 Jun. The Central Research Laboratory was (Soka, Saitama)constructed.
1979 Nov.

S-Wagon, automated Chemical supply system, was developed.

1980 Feb. Concluded a collaborative contract with E. Merck (Germany).
Jun. The Yanahara Factory (Current Okayama Factory, Misaki, Okayama) was constructed.
1981 Sep. The Isehara Laboratory (Isehara, Kanagawa) was constructed.
1982 Feb. The Omuta Factory (Omuta, Fukuoka) was constructed.
1984 Sep. The Iwate Factory (Oshu, Iwate) was constructed.
1987 Sep. The Soka Delivery Center (Soka, Saitama) was constructed.
1990 Jun. KANTO CORPORATION was established in Portland Oregon USA.
1991 Dec.

The Fukuoka Branch Office was opened. (promoted to branch office from sales office).

1992 Nov.

Manufacturing company was formed in Taiwan to produce high-purity chemicals for semiconductor manufacturers.

Dec. The Ono Delivery Center (Ono, Hyogo) was constructed.
1993 Mar.

New building for EL chemicals was constructed in the Omuta Factory.

1994 Oct.

Acquired ISO 9001 certification.

1995 Dec.

Portland Manufacturing Facility, PMF, a new factory of KANTO CORPORATION, was constructed in Portland Oregon USA.

1998 Jan. New building for reagent production was constructed in the Iwate Factory.

KANTO KAGAKU SINGAPORE PTE LTD. was established in Singapore.


Acquired ISO 14001 certification.

2000 Jun. Called of the collaboration contract with E. Merck (Germany).
Kanto Taiwan Corporation was established in Taiwan.

Acquired ISO/IEC 17025 certification.

2002 Mar.

New building for solvent was constructed in the Soka Factory.

2003 Mar. New building for biological reagents was constructed in the Isehara Factory.
2004 Sep. KANTO CHEMICAL HOLDINGS was established.
2005 Jan. Acquired ISO 13485 certification.
2006 Mar. KANTO ELECTRONIC CHEMICALS MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. was established in Malaysia.
2008 Jul. Building No.1 was rebuilt in the Omuta Factory.
Oct. New buildings for office, lab, and warehouse were constructed in KANTO KAGAKU SINGAPORE PTE LTD.
2010 Sep. The Mie Factory (Tsu, Mie) was constructed.
  Dec. Integrated HQ institution and moved to current office.
2012 Jan.

Obtained the ownership of ProsperChem Inc. in Taiwan and renamed KANTO-PPC Inc.


New building for warehouse was constructed in the Omuta Factory.

Dec. New building for administration was constructed in the Omuta Factory.
2015 Apr. The Takasaki Office (Takasaki, Gunma) was opened.

New building for pharmaceutical product was constructed in the Iwate Factory.


Obtained the ownership of CHROMagar in France.

2016 Jun. Manabu Nozawa became the President of Japan Reagent Association.
2017 May. Kofu Incubation Center was opened in University of Yamanashi, Kofu city.
2018 Sep. Established the Bangkok Office in Thailand.
2019 May. Moved Osaka branch to Koraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka.
  Jun. Construction completed for Kanto-PPC Inc.'s Yunlin Factory(No.2) in Taiwan.
  Sep. Acquired ISO 45001 certification.
  Nov. 75th anniversary of the company’s founding.
2020 Mar. Isehara Research Laboratory was renamed to Life Science Laboratory.
  Nov. New iLIS building for Life Science Laboratory was constructed in the Isehara Factory.