CSR Policy

Kanto Chemical works through our business to create a more affluent society full of possibility in the future.

We contribute to scientific technology advancement, development of industry, and to maintain the health of people through our business of supplying chemicals. We recognize this is our primary function, and also an important responsibility to our society. We encourage the full enforcement of legal compliance throughout the company in all routine business activities, and at the same time, our company believes that the promotion of the health of people and the protection of the environment is of key importance.
We encourage the development of our human resources and we promote highly creative and innovative personnel in order to realize this vision. The following action policies are established which serve as the basis of CSR activities, and these CSR activities are communicated extensively to all stakeholders.

1. We will contribute to creating a more affluent society through the stable supply of reliable products.

We will encourage creative and innovative technology development, as well as, the stable supply of products with reliable quality.

2. We will promote responsible care as a chemical company with the goal of a more sustainable society.

We endeavor to reduce the environmental load of our business practices for the benefit of a society more in harmony with the environment, as well as, to prevent environmental pollution and the improper use of chemicals.

3. We will realize the best Work-Life balance to create a healthy work environment where each employee performs their job with a smile.

We will respect the cultural diversity of individuals and all fundamental human rights in order to allow each person to fully realize their creativity and innovation.


Let me show you our CSR approach and its contents.

Our CSR committee is established with the chairman, director in charge, as the company-level controls.

Let me show you our each management system and quality assurance.